Quality ability

Enterprise quality management objectives

Technology innovation, continuous improvement, dedicating to building a professional systematic management system,
Provide customers with quality products, warm service, meet customer needs and create value for customers.
Laboratory equipment
Green environmental protection product certification
Our company is fully aware of the importance of environmental protection, actively promotes the implementation of environmental management material management standards, and promotes environmental protection throughout the supply chain. Our company develops and produces products that meet ROHS and REACH international environmental standards, and is committed to reducing energy consumption and the use of raw materials from the perspective of design and process improvement.
Automobile industry quality certification
Under the international initiative of "protecting the environment and making good use of energy", with the continuous development of the global new energy automobile industry, more and more electronic products are added to the automobile system. Our company is committed to ensuring that all products for automotive applications pass AEC-Q product certification and meet IATF16949 quality management system requirements.
QC 080000 certification
The content of hazardous substances in products can be controlled by complete, systematic and transparent control. Every year, the products are tested for the composition of harmful substances to ensure that the products meet the international standards and requirements of no harmful substances and banned substances. Establish a systematic and long-term effective method to ensure the achievement of HSF goals.
OHSAS 18001 certification
Actively promote the implementation of occupational health and safety regulations and systems, adopt modern management mode, and make all production and business activities, including safety production management, scientific, standardized and legal. Safety and health management, with P-D-C-A continuous improvement, to achieve the goal of preventing accidents and promoting employees' occupational safety and health.
ISO 14001:2015 certification
Committed to environmental protection, it has obtained ISO 14001 certification, which puts forward clear requirements for establishing a good environmental management system. The implementation of this standard can ensure the effective utilization of energy and materials, improve recovery, reduce waste and pollution. Ensure that all kinds of pollutants in various processes, products and activities of the enterprise are controlled to meet the requirements of relevant standards.
ISO 9001:2015 certification
Pay attention to the internal quality system management of the company, set up a complete quality management system, and implement strict quality control in the whole process from product design, research and development, manufacturing, testing to sales. Adhere to the continuous improvement and improvement of the management system, so as to ensure the quality of products to meet the needs of customers, and the sustainable development of the company.